Janna on location. Photo by Jules Frazier.

Janna on location. Photo by Jules Frazier.

Janna Lufkin

When people ask what I do, I answer, “I’m a stylist.” Their brows wrinkle, “A what?” Some think I do fancy things with hair. So I’ve learned to clarify, “I’m a PHOTO stylist.”

Over the years I’ve been called a bed stylist, a prop stylist, an interiors stylist, and just a stylist. All apply.

As a kid, I didn’t know about stylists. But I did know I was happiest dreaming up room arrangements, sorting out a jumbled bookcase, or re-arranging my room – again! Cleaning out the garage was an organizing and design challenge I wholeheartedly embraced and I’ve never seen a junk drawer I couldn’t happily ship into shape.

I simply can’t help myself. I yearn to make all things home functional yet pretty. And I do mean all things.

I had no idea being a stylist was actually a job. Fifteen years into a career as a graphic designer I was delighted when a photographer asked me to style a shoot. Decades later, I still pinch myself thinking about the challenges and possibilities of each assignment.

On the set, the magic starts to happen when What if? becomes Why not? What if a coffee table wasn’t a table at all? Why not fill that wedding gift vase with laundry soap? That way - you'll actually use it!

The wizardry begins when a team of problem-solvers all bring their unique skills and ideas to the set. Working with photographers, writers, art directors, and editors is still the most rewarding part of my job.